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We tried our best to cover every question might come cross your mind, we learnt from our client’s experience and here we interpret all of that experience into one rich FAQ.

Other documents and help including software setup and law compliance can be found in Support, also in Documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any locked contract?

Our plans are in Month-To-Month term. You free to cancel at anytime with no question ask. Whenever you feel you no longer need our service all what it takes is to drop us an email and we will cancel your subscription.

How to get the client installed on my PC?

Once you receive your setup details email, you can download the client setup files from the download section here, your client credentials will be available for you by that email and instructions how to use. 

What type of backup you support?

We support Full, Differential, Synthetic, VSS and Bare Metal Backup Image. You have all the options available within the Client App. Weather it's Image, SQL, Files and Folders type of backup, you are in full control in setting up the backup plan.

How many backup plans i can setup?

There is no limit for how many backup plans you can setup in one client app, all what you need to care of is not to exceed your online cloud storage. once your online storage is full then you plans start failing to complete. Avoid that by selecting the right schedule for Full and Differential backup type.

How to setup email notification on backup plan?

When you setup your backup plan and in the last page of the wizard, you have the option to configure email notification for that plan. Three options to select from, Always notify weather success or failed, Notify only on failing result And the last option is Never send notifications. We recommend Notify when failed only option which will give you a chance to read the log in your email and see the reason for failing backup plan.

Does your software support local and network backup?

Yes the backup plans support backup up to local PC, network location, directly to the cloud OR Hybrid cloud backup when backs up locally then to the cloud in the same backup plan. .

My computer is dead, i have another one and need a restore?

No worries, we will provide you with a Temporary license which will enable you to setup a restore plan to restore your old backup to the new machine. once done we will move your license to the new machine to continue backup.

The new PC is empty without OS, how i restore?

If your backup plan included a Bare Metal Image then you don't need to have an operating system in the new machine to restore your image. You can restore your image from bios using your Windows Setup CD and the backed up image located on an external hard drive. OS and files and settings will all get restored to the new machine as it was on the old one. Supported in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows Server Family starts from Server 2008R2 - Server 2016.

How about encryption?

All backup data transferred to our servers are forced to be encrypted with SSE (server side backup). You don't have the option to change that as we force this encryption for your own security. MediBackup doesn't even know your encryption key for security it's implemented within the server for each backup unique encryption key. We don't have access to your data or encryption keys.

Iv'e got infected by virus, can i restore to a clean backup?

Yes you can and actually you will always get a clean backup files because our system has Anti-virus and Malware scan integrated which will scan your backup as the backup process running before place data on the server. Your data will be cleaned during backup and only cleaned files will be stored on our servers. You will get notified if your backup triggered our virus scan. 

If i cancel my account, can i get a refund for the remaining days?

We don't offer a refund for the remaining days in your billing cycle if you cancel your account before the end of your billing cycle, but we will stop billing you and cancel your recurring payment. So best is to cancel at the very late time possible in your billing cycle with taking care of business working days and holidays.

My account has been suspended!!! any reason for that?

Our system will suspend your account if recurring payment failed for several times, your suspension can be removed once you reinstate your subscription status. If you don't reinstate your payment within 10 days, then we have the option to cancel your account and purge all your personal data and backup plans stored on our servers.

Where can i check my backup history and reports?

You can check any backup plan history and reports within the installed software, it's easy and anyone can do it by going into history tab. You also have the option to export them into different file formats.

Can i request remote help?

Yes you can during business hours if your subscription plan includes this feature like the Enterprise Plan.

How To Get Started With it?

Choose your a plan which suits your business needs, go through the payment checkout using your credit card for direct debit and recurring payments. Your account will be created using your provided email address and password.

I finished the payment process, what's next?

After your initial payment clearance, It will take 24 - 48 hours to create your account and storage and setup all the parameters in your account, We will email you all details and documents needed once done.

I can access my account but not the portal?

Your account will be created automatically once finished your initial process. Your portal access won't be ready until we send you the login details for it, this happen after 24 -48 hours from your order time. Your credentials will be the same ones as your Desktop Client.

What backup schedule do you recommend?

For Image Backup, Monthly Full and Daily Differential plan is highly recommended. For MS SQL Server, Weekly Full and Daily Differential is recommended. Finally for other backups like files and folders, you can have a Full Backup Daily or every 2 days.

To which email address you send backup reports?

Backup reports are sent to your primary email address registered with us, but when you setup the backup plan you have the option to add more emails like your I.T administrator email or any other email.

How many client's license do i get per subscription?

Each subscription plan will have 1 client backup license attached to it, means you can only install the client on one machine. You can request moving your license from one machine to another 2 times per year in case of a dead machine or renewing PC or changing operating system.

What happened to my backup plan after restore?

Always when you setup a new backup plan you have the option in the plan wizard to select to backup the actual plan settings along with your backup, this way when you restore your backups all your configurations and backup plans comes back with it and no need to re-set them up again.

Can i backup MS SQL server from network?

No you can't during to Microsoft SQL limitation, if you need to backup Ms SQL server then you need to install our client software on the same server. You can backup Network files and folders in one location but not SQL server.

How my data get d encrypted for restore?

Yes we don't have your encryption keys, so we can't access them, but our system will d encrypt your data for you on restore after a successful credentials authentication from your side.

Ok i'm convinced, when can i start?

You can start backup straight away once you join here and finish the setup and payment process. Billing cycle will start from the date you joined and your credit card will be debited on the same date of each month.

What type of payment you accept?

We only accept credit card payment as it will be debited once each month in your billing cycle. We accept all major credit cards like Amex, Mastercard and Visa. We don't store your credit card details on our server and we don't have access to those data, all payments data are processed through Commonwealth Bank Gateway and all what we get is just an authorisation to bill you monthly until you request to stop.

Do you cancel account for other reasons?

Normally we don't, but if you abuse the usage of the service or tried to use pirate tools or products or sending harmful data or use illegal operations methods affecting our service, then we will not hesitate to stop your account and purge all your data from our server, we are a clean user environment so keep it like that for everyone to benefit from this great service.

How i can restore my data without your software?

You always can have access to your backed up data when you login to our Portal using your internet browser, you can download, delete, check data and create a shared link to download data for your Administrator. When you generate shared access link to give someone else like your administrator, the link will be available for them to download your data only and for a limited time with link expiry date for security reasons. Also shared links operations can be limited per month to protect against file sharing process users, this option meant for your urgent need usage. we definitely not a shared server cloud.

Installing your software, does it mean you can access my machine?

No we can't unless you request that and give us a permission to help you remotely by providing us with your credentials as we don't know them.

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