Product Features

Our service doesn’t end here, we have a development team to make sure we always up-to-date with the latest technology and meet the customers satisfaction.

Improve Business Plan Strategy

Be safe and focus on your business, having your data in the most safe place in the world MediBackup Cloud. It’s all computerised nowadays and data loss risk going up when relying on hardware and one place backup, don’t stick to your offline backup, be smarter and secure your business online with MediBackup Cloud.

You Are In Full Control

Our simple software allows you to be in full control to create backup plan that you really need. We work hard to include every single option you can setup or get on the cloud in our software interface. No need to jump between online pages, have it all in one software graphical user interface with Zero coding need.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

All options and features in one simple software interface, easy to install and easy to deal with.

Control Every Option

All options and features are configurable to have that plan as if it were made specially for you.

History & Reports

All your records and each backup plan reports and history are accessible within the app interface for easy management. 

Secure Internet Traffic

Communication to and from our servers and your software client is all secured and encrypted.


No Human Mistakes

Once configured, all tasks are automated for you and built in your operating system to handle all tasks. It’s Setup And Go System.

Virus Free Always Safe

No more worries about getting infected with a hard virus or ransomware, Our Free Anti-virus and Ransomware Scan always watching.

Encryption Is A MUST

Your data always encrypted at the time it leaves your machine, no one else have access to it except you with AES 256 SSE.

Safe Money & Efforts

 We understand not all business needs are the same. different business field different needs so don’t use generic software but look for the specialist MediBackup Cloud and safe money and time. Don’t leave it for a guess if you have a backup or not when a disaster occur.

Management System

Software managing plans for backup and restore like any other management system you would use to grow up your business, rich option dashboard allow you to reach any option. Alerts and warning are built in and synced with your operating system. 

Full Schedule Features

System which you would love to work with. Pre done schedule scenarios fits every task. Custom schedule setup and task plans always available, All legacy schedule option and the modern rich features schedule. integration with any operating system.

Analyse Data & Reports

Are you concern about what happened if your backup fails but you never knew? No Dramas this won’t happen with MediBackup Cloud Software as you always notified and alerted about what’s going on with your backup. Success backup is our goal which is your desire so why going somewhere else when you can have all of that in one place?

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